Heart Adornment

Heart Adornment

Our Pet Bio Urns are crafted by hand entirely in the USA, utilizing Old World paper making techniques. Created from recycled materials, they are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Attached to each urn is a seed paper ornament, which can be planted in a garden or special place where it will grow and bloom into 12 varieties of perennial wildflowers- blossoming year after year in honor of your beloved pet.

Each of our pet memorial products uniquely captures the essence of your pet’s memory. Pets hold a special place in our heart; when they leave us we mourn the loss of their companionship as if they were a member of the family. Whether used a token of appreciation or a promotional piece that shows you care, our pet memorial items not only make a loving statement, they create a lasting tribute.

Each item is created using recycled fibers, natural inclusions, and 100% post consumer waste components, so they are not only beautiful and innovative but also eco-conscious. Our artisans craft everything in our Old World style paper mill, producing paper that exemplifies the elegance and quality of your most precious memories.

Small – 32ci
Medium – 65ci
Large – 95ci

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