Frequently Asked Questions

A:  Kap-Lind provides urns that meet/exceed standards of the human and pet cremation industry. These urns are made with exceptional care and carefully chosen materials for your customers’ and loved ones’ remains—human or pet.

A:  The general rule with respect to cremation is that one pound of healthy weight for the departed is the equivalent of one cubic inch of cremated remains. When selecting an urn be sure to check the cubic inch of the urn. For example, if you have a 50 lb Dog select an urn that is 50 cubic inches or larger. Standard Human urns are between 200 to 220 cubic inches. If you are placing the urn within a niche, you may also want to consider the dimensions of the urn with respect to the dimensions of the niche.

A:  Yes, our urns come in a variety of sizes intended for your specific requirements.

A:  Prices will range depending on size, material, style and customization preferences. For more specific pricing, request a Wholesale Price List or contact Kap-Lind at 314-682-6031.

A:  Please contact us and we’ll connect you with the nearest Kap-Lind distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions

* For Kap-Lind’s engraving of Hand-Cast Metal, Pewter & Copper Products Only

A: Times New Roman Filled on all Hand-Cast Metal urns and Times New Roman on all Pewter and Copper. Upper and Lower case lettering. All wording is appropriately sized for each urn. For a single name and date engraving, we recommend all upper case lettering. Script font is always upper and lower case lettering. For any order without font specification we will use our standard default fonts.

A: That really depends on what product you choose. For Metal Hand-Cast Metal urns we recommend any filled font. Times New Roman Filled (Our standard default font in Upper and Lower Case Lettering), Monotype Corsiva or Lucida Filled are our favorites.

A: Gravoxide is a chemical that is applied over the engraving area and creates a darkening of the letters or symbols. Gravoxide can be used on Hand-Cast Metal (strongly recommended), Pewter and Copper urns only. Gravoxide is not available on any Black urn. Kap-Lind will NOT apply Gravoxide unless requested.

A:  Only on the band of the Pewter 601 urns (limited text i.e. name/date).

A:  We have an extensive library of symbols.  Custom badges and symbols that are not currently in our library, please contact Kap-Lind.  Additional charges may apply.  Most Clip Art images can be also be used. Kap-Lind does not offer photo engraved images at this time.

A:  We have the ability to size our lettering to fit most urns.  The more text, the smaller the lettering will appear.  We highly recommend requesting a proof for large text requests.

A: The general guidelines for UPS Ground delivery are listed below. For all Metal urns, we offer same day shipping on ALL stock orders. Custom engraved orders received prior to 12 PM CST will also ship same day or the following business day. Exceptions would include proof verification for engraving or any custom or non-metal product. At Kap-Lind we strive to maintain inventory
and do everything we can to ship all orders in a timely fashion. You will always be contacted if there is a significant delay (more than two weeks).

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