Stock Fonts, Symbols, Badges

Below are Kap-Lind's stock fonts, symbols and badges as well as examples of our custom Paw and Nose prints.
We have an extensive library of additional fonts and symbols.
Please contact Kap-Lind if you would like additional engraving options. Most clip art images can also be used.

Stock Fonts Options:

Filled Font Options


Filled Fonts strongly recommended on all Cast-Metal.
Suggested on Pewter and Copper.
Letter Darkening strongly recommended.

Non-Filled Font Options


Non-Filled Fonts available for Pewter and Copper.
Letter Darkening available

Stock Symbols Options:

Filled Symbol Options


Non-Filled Symbol Options


Badge Options:

USAb1 [Converted]
USAFb1 [Converted]
USMCb1 [Converted]
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