Earth Conscious / Garden

For dog and cat lovers nothing beats an outdoor memorial. Our garden stones are the perfect tribute to complement any garden. They are light weight and a cost effective outdoor memorial (they do not hold any cremated remains). Kap-Lind is proud to offer LYLG Planting Kits. When a loved one passes, we feel an innate desire to return them to the earth. But cremated ashes are actually harmful to our environment when planted or scattered. Until now. Let Your Love Grow is the world’s first patented, all-organic mixture designed to offset the natural toxicity of ash and invite new life to flourish. Our Bio Urn is handcrafted utilizing centuries-old paper-making techniques and created from recycled materials. Designed for eco-friendly ground burials or water ceremonies, they will completely break down over time, returning the cremated remains to the earth. Each also comes with a seed paper decoration that, when planted, will bloom & grow into a wildflower memorial.

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