Building Relationships

Over the years, Kap-Lind has continued to build on its personal and intimate understanding of the direct customer, building relationships with key businesses to become the resource for affordable, high quality urns and memorial tributes.

What our customers say about us…

​“Kap-Lind has been our go to provider for superior Urns for more than 30 years.  Offering our clients exceptional quality and efficient services is our priority and Kap-Lind has always been outstanding in providing us both!  Their care and consideration for their clients is what sets them apart in the aftercare industry.  We appreciate our partnership with Kap-Lind and their superior services!”

Donna Shugart-Bethune

Director Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes & Crematories

The people of Kap-Lind have been nothing short of kind and supportive of us, we are always taken care of as quickly and accurately as possible. They are helpful and have the most beautiful products. I am so proud to work with them and happy to provide their products to my customers.

David Couts

Arizona Pet Mortuary

“Kap-Lind has been a trusted urn supplier for our family pet loss businesses for years. They are a credible source for quality memorial products at reasonable prices. I particularly love the level of customer service they provide as they take the time to go over every memorialization option for each product. As a pet loss professional, this is something that is important to not only me, but to the pet parents we serve on a daily basis.”

Katie Koewler

Heart's Companion

"Why does our company offer Kap-Lind urns?  Because of their timeless, classic beauty, their excellent standard of quality and kap-Lind’s outstanding customer service!"


Pet Rest Inc.

“I have been using Kap-Lind for years, both for human and pet memorial products. They offer a unique selection of beautiful hand cast, and hand spun, metal urns. They offer a range of selection for every taste, from classic to contemporary. They are exceptionally speedy, even in the face of these trying times. Kap-Lind has always been accurate and thorough when fulfilling my orders, and they are always quick to correct any mishap. They are affordable, friendly, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a metal urn that stands out.”

Brittany Hinegardner

Lasting Paws Pet Memorial

"We have been ordering urns from Kap-Lind for more than 10 years.  The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful, orders are processed and received quickly and correctly.  The fact that their items are made in America is a big plus."

Hartsdale Crematory

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